Fiva Group
Fiva Group
Uluyol Cad. Büyük Coşkun Sok.
Ali Enderer İş Merkezi No: 1/104 Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL

About Us

About Fiva

Firuz Vatandost started his business life with Vatan Plastik in 1970 and established our company Fiva Plastik in 1999.

Founded with the aim of meeting the needs in the plastic raw material sector, Fiva Plastik has taken its place in the sector by importing plastic raw materials from the world’s leading and largest raw material producers.

In the following years, it was decided to expand the portfolio by incorporating Agriculture and Energy companies under the name of Fiva Group.

Fiva Group is proud to be one of the most sought-after and trusted names in the plastics industry with its quality and meticulous work, as well as its approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

With all these experiences, it will be happy to continue its activities in the Energy and Agriculture sector with the same mission and vision.

As FİVA aliesi, to create a loyal customer base that is satisfied beyond expectations with our expert employees who have high morale power by maintaining our motivation on the first day, delivering plastic raw materials and products in accordance with customer needs in accordance with the highest quality standards on time.
Our VisionTo be the first preferred supplier company of the industrialists in the region as a strong, reliable and stable institution that has a say in the supply of plastic raw materials in Turkey and neighboring countries.

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Fiva GroupFiva Group